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Budgeting Tips For Seniors: Funding In Home Elderly Care

Aug 24, 2017 by Doug Stark

Planning for in home elderly care doesn’t need to be a burden

Budgeting throughout older years is very important, especially for seniors who live on a fixed monthly income. If you think your senior mom or dad is experiencing financial difficulties or that they could make smarter financial decisions, in home elderly care experts recommend considering the following senior budgeting tips:

Start an Emergency Fund

You never know what can happen, so saving up for rainy days is definitely a good idea. Some unexpected situations that require immediate financial solutions can financially drain older adults, for example, a senior’s car that just broke down or a rooftop that started to leak. Having an emergency fund can save your parent a lot of stress and enable them to live independently for longer.


Although it is not an easy decision to make, your parent might want to consider selling their house and moving into a smaller apartment. Not only can your senior mom or dad spend less money on utility bills and other living expenses but they will also find it easier to clean and maintain a smaller home.

No More Cable TV

Seniors can save a lot of money if they cancel their cable subscription. Instead of cable TV, your loved one can opt for streaming services that are more affordable nowadays.

Streaming services offer a variety of popular television shows and movies. Seniors can access music channels, weather, news and sports without paying for channels and services that they may not be interested in.

In home care providers can help seniors set up and utilize these services, helping them navigate to programs and shows they are interested in. Without being locked into a cable contract, seniors can try a variety of streaming services without making a long term commitment.

Don’t Try to Keep up With the Joneses

Sometimes seniors purchase expensive products they don’t actually need in order to compete with other people. In home elderly care experts advise seniors to always think twice before spending a great deal of money on something they don’t really need or cannot afford.

Senior Discounts

Many businesses, such as restaurants, retail chains, hotels, and entertainment venues, offer various discounts for senior citizens. However, some of these discounts are not always advertised. In home elderly care professionals suggest that seniors ask about available discounts before making a purchase. Even smaller discounts like 10 or 20% off can make a positive impact on your parent’s monthly budget.

Clipping Coupons

Coupons are a great way to claim special offers or discount prices on groceries, cosmetics, household chemicals, and many other products. Savvy seniors who collect coupons from newspapers, magazines, or the Internet can pay less for the purchased products and save a significant amount of money.

Collecting coupons can be a fun activity for seniors and caregivers to do together. Getting excited about shopping trips and other outings give seniors a chance to get out of the house, get some light exercise, and socialize with others. Saving a little bit of money through coupons is simply an added benefit to these activities.

Use Cash

Older adults can also opt for using cash for payments whenever possible. This way, your senior mom or dad can avoid maxing out their credit cards.

In home elderly care encourages seniors to assess their financial situation and start making some changes to their money-spending habits. By making smart budgeting decisions, your loved one can avoid unnecessary stress and maintain the high quality of life that they deserve.


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