Senior Services and Eldercare in Andover, KS

Comfort Keepers is a leading provider of long-term care in Butler County

We have been providing skilled, compassionate in-home care to seniors and other adults since 2007.  Andover is a very senior-friendly town and has numerous resources that help us provide better care.  It’s easy to get around and there are numerous community centers and open-air spaces for walking and exercising.  Making the most of local resources helps us keep seniors active and engaged, which improves their overall physical and mental health. 

Eldercare in Andover

Our services range from short-term companion and personal care to long-duration extended care.  All of our services embody our ‘Interactive Caregiving philosophy, which means that they make everyday activities engaging and fun. 

Our companion and personal services include cooking, light housekeeping, and socializing with our caregivers.  Socializing can mean playing games, walking around a neighborhood, or even going into town.  In Andover, our clients like to visit the YMCA, the Greater Andover Days Community Festival and Parade, and the Andover Central Park, among other places.  We accompany clients to these locations and we provide transportation if needed. 

Our extended services include Alzheimer’s and dementia care.  General Manager Mary Ratliff takes these types of care very seriously for a number of reasons, including that delivering Alzheimer's and dementia care requires refined skills and attention to detail.  Mary also knows how difficult it is to find reliable services locally for people who suffer from these diseases.  

We also provide extended monitoring for clients who need extra attention.  This can be for a few hours per week or more.  If constant care is needed, our teams of caregivers work around the clock to ensure that clients are with someone at all times.  

Community Involvement

Involving ourselves in the communities we serve is essential to providing adequate care.  It helps us work with local organizations that make life better for seniors and it helps us learn more about our clients.  It makes our service better.  For these reasons and others, we take every opportunity to participate in our communities.

In Andover we support Feed Seniors Now, which helps keep seniors and other adults in our area fed and nourished.  We also work closely with local medical centers and rehabilitation clinics.  This way, our clients receive the care that they need.  The Kansas Medical Center and the Andover Senior Center are two facilities that treat our clients frequently. 

We take clients to and from appointments and accompany them through these appointments if necessary.  We also assist with post-procedure rehabilitation.   Working with Kansas Medical and the Andover Senior Center makes these efforts easier and more efficient. 

Who We Serve

The commitment we’ve demonstrated to our clients’ wellbeing and to attention to detail have helped us become the preferred provider of in-home care and senior services in Andover and surrounding areas in North Central Kansas.  We’re proud of this distinction and look forward to growing.  Growth will enable us to serve new areas and will give us opportunities to become better caregivers. 

Currently, we serve a number of areas in Butler, Sedgwick, and Saline Counties.  These include Wichita and Salina. 

For more information, Contact Us or call us at (316) 773-7775.  We can help you set up a free in-home consultation or you can speak with us over the phone.  

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