Comfort Keepers Offers Personal Care Services in Hutchinson, KS

Expert care for elderly adults by professional skilled caregivers

It is not uncommon for adults to feel shame when it comes to asking for help with personal care services. As a result, many will even put themselves in danger rather than have the uncomfortable conversation. That is very understandable. The challenges faced in the later phases of life are particularly difficult to deal with. Thankfully, home care for elderly can help.

Comfort Keepers has been providing only the best care for elderly across the country for two decades now. The personal care services we offer in Hutchinson, KS can help your loved one take back control of their lives and live on their own terms.

We understand that seniors value their independence as they age. Our caregivers undergo extensive training to work with our clients, making sure that each senior’s unique needs and preferences are met. Caregivers are carefully chosen based on their heartful interest to help others.

The following are only a few of the personal care services we provide in Hutchinson, KS:

Grooming, and Hygiene

Looking and feeling one's best is important for people of all ages. Making sure your loved one is at the top of their game physically can make a massive difference on their outlook on life. In home care for elderly adults offers a wide range of grooming and hygiene services. In most cases, our caregivers assist seniors with bathing or showering, shampooing hair, getting in and out of the shower, putting on make up or doing their hair and helping them get dressed.

Mobility Assistance

Many seniors face challenges when it comes to mobility. With our in-home care for elderly adults, caregivers will be there for your loved one as their right hand to help them with staying active and engaged.

Transferring and Positioning

Many seniors are unfortunately bedridden. For them, proper transferring and positioning can be a matter of good health and poor health. Proper transferring and positioning prevents bedsores while improving circulation and digestion.  

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Needing help with this aspect of everyday living can be uncomfortable for many seniors, which is why our caregivers undergo sensitivity training to help them approach the matter with compassion and care.

To learn more about how in-home care for elderly adults can improve your loved one’s personal care, please contact our office in Wichita, KS. Our local caregivers are available to provide expert care in Hutchinson, KS, and the surrounding areas!


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