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Caring for the Elderly at Home with Grocery & Home Shopping Services in Wichita, KS

Comfort Keepers transportation and errand running services makes caring for the elderly at home simple and convenient

For many families in Wichita, KS, caring for the elderly at home is preferred to other senior care options. As health and mobility issues are a normal part of aging, some seniors may be unable to perform certain routine activities with ease. For instance, shopping for groceries and other home supplies may become too difficult or require too much energy. For older adults who no longer drive, grocery shopping can become a dreaded activity, especially if they need to catch a bus to the nearest store.

Comfort Keepers understands that there are many seniors who struggle with grocery shopping or that it takes just too much of their time. That is why Comfort Keepers senior care services include grocery and home shopping, making caring for the elderly at home easy. Along with an in-home caregiver, seniors can prepare and eat healthy foods and have all other home items they need without having to leave the house.

The focal point of our grocery shopping service is the health of our clients. Seniors who eat mainly processed or junk foods are at a higher risk of developing health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Home care services can prevent this by purchasing groceries for your loved one, according to a shopping list provided by your parent or another family member. While our caregivers are out shopping for healthy, fresh, and affordable groceries and home supplies such as cleaning or hygiene products, your loved one can relax or tend to other obligations.

It’s important to point out that our home care services are shaped in accordance with our Interactive Caregiving model, which means that we can encourage your loved one to go grocery shopping with a caregiver from time to time. Grocery shopping is a good opportunity for seniors to get out of the house, do a bit of walking, and interact with people at the local store.

Your loved one can choose what they want to purchase, and our caregivers will carry their shopping bags to prevent any injury or discomfort. Our caregivers will also carry the bags from the store to the car and from the car to your loved one’s home, also helping with organizing groceries and home products.

For more information about the advantages of caring for the elderly at home, as well as any of our in-home senior care services, please call Comfort Keepers Home Care today!

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